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  Through channel of innovation team, we invented various techniques, which had greatly influence many software firms to get great satisfaction certificate from their clients.
We already equipped many software development firms with conceptual knowledge about how to start software product development, analyze the customer needs, and design software architecture, database design.
We assisting many software firms to grow their values with our vast varied software development knowledge and learning's from many customer interactions. We acts as catalyst for many small scale companies faster growth and achieve remarkable position in market.

We divided the software development companies into following sections
• Software Product development and client wise code maintenance.
• New customized software development as per client company requirement.
• Outsourcing clients work and maintain with in-house software product.

1. Software Product development and client wise code maintenance.
There are many software firms, which are having in-house developed software product. Today these kinds of firms faces the issues like
• Proper gap analysis after kick off meeting with client, which will help commercial discussion and software development timelines with client.
• Software Version maintenance
• Client wise change request (CRF) maintenance
• Following standard practices of software coding
• Preparation and maintenance of Proper software product documentation
• Maintenance of source code
• Proper software testing (using load tester softwares, regular modular testing, testing feedback from testing team), which will improve the product quality.
• Keeping whole software team on one page in terms of technical knowledge, domain expertise, new market updates.
• Support Team always lacks in Client interaction, timely required support management
We invented various new software development and communication techniques, which assists employees of the software product oriented firms, to deploy the software on time and satisfy customer with their timely support.

2. New customized software development as per client requirement.
New customized, Software development is a step-by-step process, which is divided into following steps:
• Understanding of client requirement.
• Do detailed feasibility study.
• Get clients sign off about our understanding about his requirement (SRS document).
• Decide development tool (front end and back end), which will assist the developers to complete the development in time.
• Follow standard software coding rules, to avoid chaos in software coding.
• Schedule and follow testing process in order to maintain the accurate and to the point development as per user requirement. Do complete testing at various levels, immediate after development by developer, unit testing by trained software tester (if company does not have good tester then either we provide our professional tester or we help them to use disciplined way to testing), client UAT testing (unit wise), complete developed system testing.
• Deploy the developed software solution for user parallel testing.
• Deploy the software product once user provides final sign off.
• Create the proper system documentation.
• Henceforth software development will change the mode into customization for that client. Set process of Change Request Form (CRF), which will help client as well as software development company to assess the change and accommodate the same into already develop software.

3. Outsourcing clients work and maintain with in-house software product
Outsourcing is altogether different ball game, as we are playing with sensitive data of client. If your firm falls into this category, then we are there to help you out in following areas
• Techniques to maintain client sensitive data lick proof.
• Techniques for taking care of (If it is web based system) sensitive data without harm from outsiders.
• Standard rules to maintain in-house software up to date so that wrong results should not spoil your image in front of your esteemed client.
• Help client with limited access to system, so that client is also aware about the new advances done with respect to there need. (In case of web base product).
• Teach new techniques to client support team to boost the client moral.
Our innovative consulting services help you as a software firm, to channelize your internal process in such a way, that final end user says Wow. and respects you which enable to grow faster.

mixing technology with innovative healing methods...
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