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Myspace is a Complete ERP solutions which comprises various modules for handling complete Hire to Retiral process  of any organization. It enable users to  initiate the hiring process to complete the FNF of employee when they either resign or retire from organization. Here employee can view their payslips, their attendance  and apply for leave, claims and get reimbursement status.

This also can be configure to serves other user groups say School  etc.

  Key Features of our product are listed below:  

Employee Life-cycle Management Services: 

The Employee Life-cycle in an Organisation starts when a position for a resource is planned & finalized for a corporate ecosystem. An employee is "born" for an organisation when he/she is hired into a corporate ecosystem. The employee then goes through various stages of his life-cycle performing the deliverables entrusted upon him. The employee performance is measured at different stages against pre-defined parameters. During the Life-cycle, Employee may be promoted, transferred. Employee Life-cycle is completed, when the employee leaves the organisation and the final dues are settled.
My Space enables a corporation at all the significant stages of this evolution by wrapping the suite of various Employee Life-cycle Management modules around these stages.

Manpower Planning and Recruitment - "The Conception"

The Planning Module enables resource planning, creation of a job requisition and sends it up an approval chain. Upon approval, the job requisition is sent to the recruitment module - where the recruiter, using a powerful recruiting engine, mines various sources, shortlists candidates, schedules interviews and completes the selection process.

On-boarding - "Employee is born.."

Once a candidate is selected (typically after the interview process and background verification), an offer is made.
An offer letter can be generated by simply entering the grade/level, a gross salary amount and candidate's particulars. The salary calculator will arrive at an editable, optimum salary stack and will automatically populate and generate a digitally signed appointment letter. This reduces the On-boarding lead time drastically..

Employee Dossier and Employee Self Service: 

A comprehensive employee dossier provisions for almost every information that an organization may need of an Employee. The Photographs, scanned copies of various documents can be uploaded to this dossier.

The Employee Dossier resides on the Employee Self-Service (ESS) Portal. This acts as a "One View" for,
• e-Pay Slips
• Leave /Vacation - applying, approving and management.
• Reimbursements / Claims Management
• Time & Attendance - data inflow from swipe cards, biometric systems
• Tax planning - Investment calculation and declaration
• Provident Fund - Nomination, view and management
• Managers Self Service - as applicable
• Employee data creation and / or approval
• Reports - Statutory and Operational
• HR Policies
• FAQs
• "My Favorites" - Employee configurable links and calendar
• Helpdesk.

Time & Attendance 

The Time and Attendance module can gather and integrate information from a range of sources. Manual data-entry, spreadsheet based mass upload, extract from bio-metric devices & swipe instruments etc. One can even clock the attendance using an IVR or by sending a SMS from his/her mobile.

Leave/Vacation Management 

The leave management module has a highly flexible workflow engine that can configure all types of leave applications and associated rules. This module seamlessly integrates with the Time and Attendance and Payroll modules, hence eliminating the need for manual inputs.

Claims & Reimbursements 

With a combination of an online workflow on the employee self-service portal, and physical verification of documents, the Claimes & Reimbursement module, enables quick efficient processing and disbursement of claims & reimbursement.

Payroll Process 

AIS' Payroll Module has a highly flexible, configurable and customizable engine. It integrates all forms of payouts to an employee. Monthly salary, Claims and reimbursements, LTA, Bonus? it covers every possible employee compensation mode.
The system pulls relevant data from the time and attendance module, leave management module, claims and reimbursement module etc. as applicable using the self-service portal and uses it as the input for salary calculation.
In a semi-automated scenario, all or part of the data can be uploaded using a master upload template. Built in audit and approval trails, security locks, a wide range of standard and customized reports are some of the features of the module.
While AIS' highly trained professionals process the payroll from their premises in a timely and accurate manner, the product engineering team constantly updates the system with robust patches to address the impact of frequently changing tax laws.
AIS manages all statutory compliances like PF, PT, ESIC, Shop and Establishment Act, Factory Act, Payment of Bonus Act etc. with timely filing and periodic reporting. AIS conducts system and process audits to make sure that your organization is 100% compliant.

Performance Management 

The Performance Management Module helps the organization plan, monitor and evaluate the performance of employees. This web-based module assists organizations establish standards and measures like KRAs, Competencies, Value Orientation and other Performance factors. The mode could be 360 degrees based on the Balanced Score Card framework.


Enhancing employee effectiveness through Training is one of the important roles of HR. The training module integrated with the Performance Management module helps identify training needs, track training administration and the training effectiveness.

Transfers & Promotions 

Transfers & Promotions and Asset tracking are the other the other two significant modules of the Employee Life-cycle Management Services suite.

e-Separation - Full & Final settlement 

Timely settlement of dues and an efficient separation process is of great importance to any organization - not only from compliance but from an HR best practices perspective as well. The e-Separation module and AIS support team make sure that you are fully compliant.
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